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Eatin’ Good in Porto de Galinhas

Written By: FOXY on September 22, 2009 3 Comments

beijupiraI’m enjoying a culinary meal that I wish I could share with you directly through my blog but unfortunatly my words will have to suffice. I’m at the 28 year old restaurant, Beijupirá in Porto de Galinhas.

Beijupirá has the distinction of being the most expensive restaurant in Porto de Galinhas, but it’s not expensive by American standards.  A wonderful meal complete with side dishes will set you back ~$50 Reals ($28 USD) WITH two cocktails. The entrance is lined with trees and the well-ventilated dining area feels very open. The specialty is filet of cobia (beijupirá in Portuguese), the king of fish, prepared in a variety of methods. The menu is heavily tilted toward the sea, with excellent lobster and shrimp dishes, but has plenty of options for diners who don’t like seafood, (me). The food is excellent, as is the service, and the restaurant is tranquil and beautiful. Beijupirá has an extensive wine list. They have menus in English with the same prices as the Portuguese menu, which was terrific.

11806474I’m trying their jerked beef tonight. My first impression is one of delight. It’s rare to eat jerked food that still maintains a light and non-stringy consistency. The accompanying side dishes are well prepared and light. The fresh beans and rice accompany well but the crème de la resistance is the corn meal soufflé with pineapple. Hints and pieces of fresh pineapple really bring a tropical feel to this wonderful meal. It also helps that the caipirinha (prounounced: Kipe-A-Reen-Ha) I’m drinking is the very best I’ve had in Brazil. This restaurant’s Caipirinha (which is like a mojito) is competing with the cities of Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife and Joao Pessoa and it clearly wins my vote for best Caipirinha in Brazil! The fresh lime is strong with acidity but not overpowering and they’ve made it with a low level of sweetness which is just right to my taste. The alcohol it contains, Cachaça, is obviously a higher end brand because the taste is light, blending into the drink nicely, but the buzz is strong.  Apparently the local praise continues, as the chamber of commerce in Porto de Galinhas has awarded, Beijupirá with the award of best restaurant in 2009.

Not only this restaurant, but the entire city should be recognized as a wonderful place to visit. I’d highly recommend it for love birds, newlyweds, or anyone looking for a romantic getaway from reality.  The city has won the “best beach in Brazil” award 6 years in a row and it’s justified.

But what does paradise cost? Cheap flights from Florida are about $600 right now.   Luxury Rooms here are from $80 to $120/night and dinner at the best for ~$28 per person. For this caliber of relaxation and tranquility, it’s a true bargain.  Brazil rocks.


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3 Responses to “Eatin’ Good in Porto de Galinhas”

  1. Helen McHargue says on: 24 September 2009 at 10:21 pm

    The corn meal souffle sounds wonderful. Eating outdoors in that tropical air must be
    a great experience – the restaurant setting looks lovely.

    I’ve heard that caparinah’s are excellent for sore ears and that one is good but two are
    better. Good choice.

    We’ll be adding Porto to our wish list of places to visit.


  2. Ang says on: 25 September 2009 at 6:08 am

    Sounds awesome! Wish I was there!
    xoxo Hope you are doing well, leaving soon?

  3. Denys says on: 25 September 2009 at 11:32 am

    BTW the drink is “caipirinha” and it’s close to the mojito in preparation but to me it tastes more like a basic margarita since it doesn’t have the mint.
    The jerked beef “charque” or best known as “carne de sol” it’s a special dish in the northeast of Brazil, present in a huge variety of dishes. Please try something called “escondidinho”, it’s the “carne de sol” with cassava (tapioca) pure, I believe you’ll like it.
    Enjoy your trip!

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