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February 2010

Written By: FOXY on February 27, 2010 4 Comments
Sihanoukville to Siem Reap, Cambodia

I just arrived after a 12 hour “VIP” bus ride from Sihanoukville up to Siem Reap. Next up will be visits to Angkor Wat but for now I’m going to relax in my hotel for a couple days.
I booked at the Ree Hotel, a quality 4-star hotel with modern amenities for a very reasonable […]

Written By: FOXY on February 25, 2010 4 Comments
Koh Ru was Wicked

Koh Ru has been a magical 24 hour slice of relaxed paradise.  I arrived via a one hour boat ride from Sihanoukville and got checked in where I was excited to be able to upgrade from a dorm room to my own beachfront bungalow for $13.  After dropping my gear in the bungalow I stepped […]

Written By: FOXY on February 22, 2010 3 Comments
Tomorrow I Head To The Island Of Koh Ru

I’m gearing up to head to the island of Koh Ru, Cambodia tomorrow and I’ve heard it’s a fantastic paradise type island to get away from it all. I arranged a one hour boat ride out to the island for $5 USD and I have a place to sleep for $3 USD when I arrive.  The […]

Written By: FOXY on February 22, 2010 No Comment

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Written By: FOXY on February 20, 2010 5 Comments
Bus Ride to Snooky with Funny Pictures

I’m on a bus right now on the way to Snooky (Sihanoukville, Cambodia) and very excited to be on the way! The ride should be a total of 4 hours long and my seat is adequately comfortable. The Cambodian driver is wearing a straw hat “white trash style” and talking on his […]

Written By: FOXY on February 18, 2010 4 Comments
National Museum / Tuol Sleng (Prison) / Choeung EK (Killing Fields) / Royal Palace

Be forewarned, this post contains graphic images of genocide and human remains – reader discretion is advised.
Today was a big day. I visited the top four tourist sites in Phnom Penh in one day.
The national museum was a good start and has the largest collection of Khmer (Cambodian) artwork and artifacts in the world. No […]

Written By: FOXY on February 13, 2010 2 Comments
A day in Phnom Penh

Cambodia has been a real treat for me so far.  I’ve been relaxing during the days at the restaurants by the river, strolling through the malls in the afternoons and at night hitting all the top venues. 
I’ve been really enjoying some of the food here in Cambodia.  Their western food is also quite good.  Last night, […]

Written By: FOXY on February 11, 2010 12 Comments
It’s a Holiday in Cambodia…

I’ve got a song stuck in my head that just won’t go away, it’s called, “Holiday In Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedy’s. It’s lodged in my head because I just left Laos and flew in to the capital city of Phnom Penh.
Viantiane, Laos was a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful city to “take it all in” but it was […]

Written By: FOXY on February 5, 2010 No Comment
Flight to Vientiane (the Capital of Laos)

Well my last day in Luang Prabang was spent with my traveling friend Myrna.  After we enjoyed a fantastic french-inspired Laotian breakfast, she rented bikes for us to go riding around the city, and we did.  I think both of us worked up a real sweat but neither of us seemed to mind too much.  We […]

Written By: FOXY on February 4, 2010 2 Comments
Luang Prabang Waterfall, Cave & Hmong Ppl

Today, I booked a group tour that turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I departed in a minibus with 3 new friends on a 45 minute drive to a Hmong village where we walked around and got to see local villagers and their way of life. It was quite beautiful and sad at the same […]

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