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Angkor Wat Archaeological Temples (Day 3)

Written By: FOXY on March 3, 2010 One Comment

My last day at Angkor Wat was phenomenal. My favorite temple of the day was Prasat Preah Khan, one of the largest Angkor Wat monuments. The central area is relatively compact and maze-like but has lots of beautiful photo opportunities. There is a library like Grecian styled two-story structure at the North East corner of the temple.

I watched the sun set at Pre-Rup, a temple with a high vantage point. Sitting next to me were lots of tourists from all over the world. Directly to my right was a girl from Chile and her friend from Germany. We started talking about our respective world travels and then we got on the topic of Japan. Somehow the conversation morphed into discussing the Japanese’s love of BDSM clubs. They went on to tell me wild stories of them actually visiting some of the crazy Tokyo fetish clubs! Sometimes the most shocking and funniest conversations I have are with strangers, lol.

The night ended with two California girls I met, Amy and Serine. Amy (the blonde in the photos) and I really hit it off and had a great night of drinking and deep conversation.

I leave for Singapore in the morning… More soon!

See the Angkor Wat Day 3 photos here.


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One Response to “Angkor Wat Archaeological Temples (Day 3)”

  1. Helen McHargue says on: 13 March 2010 at 3:24 pm

    More great photos. In Singapore, try Cereal Shrimp – they dredge large shrimp in cereal
    (Originally baby cereal), then fry it. It’s delicious. The hawker centers (like huge food courts) are fantastic places to look at, if not eat, interesting foods. Train from Singapore to Mallaca is fun if you’re heading up the Malay Peninsula.

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