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Friday Night at Mimolette in Singapore

Written By: FOXY on March 12, 2010 5 Comments

Before we get to the scoop on Friday night, I just changed hotels. Just like the Jefferson’s “I’m Moving Up”! The ParkRoyal Hotel on Kitchener Road is one of the best values in Singapore. I locked in a S$220 ($157 USD) a night rate for a fabulous club-room with access to their club floor with free-flow drinks, food and wireless internet.

Upon arrival my butler dropped off a fresh fruit basket and advised me that I could have four pieces of laundry per day cleaned free of charge! For me that’s huge because I’m quite lazy when it comes to taking care of mundane tasks like laundry. Also, the breakfast buffet is the absolute hands down best breakfast buffet I’ve been to in Asia. Overall, ParkRoyal on Kitchener really stands out as the best total value for any hotel in Singapore.

Ok, let’s get to the fun. I’m sitting in Mimolette, an exclusive country style nightclub with upbeat music blasting away and scenery to die for. This place is a huge hit among Singapore’s three Ms: models, media types and people with money. The colonial-house style venue and its lush and tropical grounds make for an exotic and exclusive setting.

At times it all feels surreal. Even though I’ve only been in Singapore a week I already feel more hooked up than a New York hoagie sandwich. My friend Caryn, who I met through a mutual friend has taken me under her wing and given me the keys to “nouveau riche” Singapore.

As I look out at the locals partying and sip on free flow drinks due to my “VIP” status here I feel quite lucky. Not many people can party this hard in a place they’ve never been to before, but I’m lucky enough to be part of the action.

It’s just too easy to get back into this lifestyle. Many of you know I used to live in Las Vegas and this level of sophistication and excitement reminds me of my former life. The massive sprawling trees surrounding Mimolette are wrapped with white led lights and the music system plays crystal-clear trance sounds giving you a wonderful audio/visual experience. Inside, the ambience is plush with a red themed flair.

If you’re traveling and don’t have the luxury of pre-arranged socialites like my friend Caryn, Then you’ll need to make some good connections, which luckily for you, are extraordinarily easy to make in Singapore. So go ahead, immerse yourself in Singapore’s inner society by following these easy steps:

First, go to the highest end bars in town, drink up and meet people. Collect Facebook, email and phone numbers of all the local “celebrities” and business people you meet. From there it’s as simple as telling people you need help with finding good venues to visit or nightclubs to experience. Sit back and watch your phone or email fill with ideas. Life is easy when you work a system that works.

I’m off to go refill my free-flow drink and chat up some of the hottest models I’ve ever seen. I could almost feel guilty for how much fun I have but honestly everyone deserves to have this lifestyle. If you’re not rocking this hard then follow my advice above, it really is that easy!

Life just keeps getting better.


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