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Landed In Tokyo, See Ya Singapore…

Written By: FOXY on March 30, 2010 One Comment
Intense is too weak of a description...

Intense is too weak of a description...

Singapore has been an incredible experience.  I made some amazing friends along the way and it was quite sad to leave today.  Originally I planned on two weeks but that got extended to a full month after I realized how awesome the country is.

But, the Japanese Sakura fesitval (flowering cherry blossoms) are in season right now and it was time for a new destination.

After a quick stopover in Taipei, Taiwan I made it to Narita Airport in Japan.  From there I jumped on an express train and an hour and fifteen minutes later I arrived in Shinjuku (Tokyo),  Japan.

First impressions on Tokyo are intense!  I downloaded some Travel Channel episodes on Japan beforehand and I really thought I’d know what this city was going to be like before arrival.  That all went out the window once I was immersed in a “sea” of Japanese people and enough neon lighting to put the Las Vegas Strip to shame! 

There is a huge language barrier problem here but street-side all you can do is soak in the crowds of people.  As you walk by the flashing lights it’s easy to fall into the kind of trance a child has the first time they visit Disneyland.

I’m still in culture shock city so this coming week I’ll have more to say on this intense city.


P.s. I’ll be updating the blog with the last two weeks worth of my activities and photos from Singapore as well.  Look for those backdated posts tomorrow.

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One Response to “Landed In Tokyo, See Ya Singapore…”

  1. Helen McHargue says on: 31 March 2010 at 8:34 pm

    What a great time to be there! Enjoy the fish market and there’s a great area where they sell
    cooking equipment, plastic food and the like – the Kappabashi area. Even if you’re not interested in the subject it’s a lively neighborhood and everyone that spoke English seemed to want to talk. Expensive knives – some up to $2000.

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