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A Day in the Good Life in Medellin, Colombia

Written By: FOXY on February 23, 2011 No Comment

Medellin has been a wonderful experience.  One month of fun, fun, fun.

Along the way I met some really cool new friends including the Professor (USA), Roland (Germany), Frank (Puerto Rico), Tony (Scotland) and last but certainly not least, Captain Paul (Key West, USA).

I’ve been staying at a 3 bed apartment with The Professor and Paul for $20 USD a night. It’s nothing fancy but at $20 a night for my own furnished bedroom… who cares!

All of my new friends in Medellin are lots of fun but Paul and I have really bonded.  He’s the sort of friend that any guy would love to have as a best friend.  Few people can keep up with the pace of Paul (J.P. for short) and his electric personality and over-the-top jokes always keeps a steady stream of laughter going.  Over the past few weeks we’ve eaten some fantastic as well as terrible foods, ridden the metro to touristy spots and best of all had some incredible double dates with the ultra foxy Medellin women.  I look forward to returning to Medellin in the future to meet up with Paul again and rock the Medellin scene!

Before you comment below, please check out the photos of Medellin, Colombia!  (Sorry they’re not the best… I didn’t have time to really choose the best ones.)


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