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jason-foxHi, my name is Jason Fox but my nickname since childhood has been “Foxy”, so let me welcome you to GetFoxy.com!

This blog chronicles my two year (never-ending) round the world trip and includes a photo gallery.  Unlike backpacking, I’m not rolling with camping/cooking or survival gear, instead I’m a “tech traveller” with a slim 17″ MacBook Pro laptop, DSLR camera, 3 lenses, a small underwater camera, 4 TB of storage and lots of other high technology items.  Everything I own has been carefully selected for slimness and weight. These high-tech items are necessities for me because I’m not just traveling for pleasure, I’m also operating my internet business while on the road.

My travel luggage consists of a 50 LB checked in suit case and one 42LB cary on backpack single carry on bag (although it is quite heavy)!

I enjoy variety in my life so I’ll be staying in some amazing hotels along the way.  You’ll see some very classy 5 star hotels and also some dirt bag no star hostels!  I would always stay in 5 star hotels but, you usually don’t appreciate things until you don’t have them.  The variety gives me great appreciation of my situation and allows me to have real gratitude.

For me the world is an endless story and I’m not stopping!

zJason_MI_Trip_July_2009 (120)If you have a tip on where to stay, a sight to see or just a general “what’s up” then please leave me a comment in the blog or within the photo gallery.

Much love to you all,


P.s.  You should check out the FAQ area… I’ve got some interesting info in there as well.

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