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Written By: FOXY on May 2, 2011 One Comment
The Twinkling City Lights of Medellin

It’s been a great run in Medellin. Hanging out with my Mom, my buddy Steve and the incredibly beautiful local ladies has been fantastic. Unfortunately, our time in Medellin has come to an end after two weeks of great memories here.
Next up Steve and I rock Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
Anyways, for now, enjoy […]

Written By: FOXY on April 21, 2011 4 Comments
Mom’s Birthday Party in Parque Arvi, Medellin

My Mom got to celebrate her 40th birthday (ok, maybe just a few more years than that…) in Medellin, Colombia this year.
We started the day in Poblado, with a breakfast of fresh orange juice and scrambled eggs and then we were off to the Medellin Metro for a big adventure up to Parque Arvi!
To get […]

Written By: FOXY on April 19, 2011 One Comment
Taking My Momma to Medellin, Colombia!

Wow, since I last blogged I’ve done a lot. I went from Siargao, Philippines to Cebu and from there to Angeles City for a week. After that my buddy Chris and I went to Singapore for three fantastic days of business and from there I flew all the way back to Los Angeles.
In […]

Written By: FOXY on February 23, 2011 No Comment
A Day in the Good Life in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin has been a wonderful experience.  One month of fun, fun, fun.
Along the way I met some really cool new friends including the Professor (USA), Roland (Germany), Frank (Puerto Rico), Tony (Scotland) and last but certainly not least, Captain Paul (Key West, USA).
I’ve been staying at a 3 bed apartment with The Professor and Paul […]

Written By: FOXY on February 7, 2011 30 Comments
Beautiful Women in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is literally filled with beautiful women! I’ve seen quite a few that could do some American super-model butt kicking! Everytime I walk around the city, the people must wonder why my grin never seems to fade… I’d love to say more, but seriously, these lovely ladies are waiting for your hungry eyes…
P.s. In […]

Written By: FOXY on January 27, 2011 23 Comments
Medellin AKA “Party Town”, Colombia

Medellin Colombia is a piping hot slice of the lush life. Welcome to Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Salsa!  Welcome to the former home of Pablo Escobar, the most notorious drug lord in history (who during his reign as druglord/kingpin was so dominant that he even kidnapped the Vice President!)  Ten years […]

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