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Written By: FOXY on September 19, 2011 6 Comments
2 1/2 Months of Strength Training in the Gym

I used to be a fat wimp. I remember going to the gym and looking enviously at the guys with big muscles. For a few years now I’ve spent a bit of time at the gym, but never really knowing what I should be doing, lifting wimpy weights and never following a plan. Everything changed […]

Written By: FOXY on January 30, 2010 2 Comments
Asian Fever!

Well, I wish this post was about the beautiful light-skinned Thai girls up here in Chiang Mai but unfortunately the fever I’m referring to is a temperature I’ve had for four days now.
Today I woke up in a cold sweat which has become routine for my last four nights.  I’ve been running a 99.3 degree […]

Written By: FOXY on January 28, 2010 2 Comments
A Day Sightseeing in Chiang Mai

I woke up early today and had an awesome american style buffet at the Raming Lodge Hotel, where I’m staying.  This hotel is fantastic with a perfect location for night activities.  I’m staying in a deluxe room with a plush King size bed, daily fresh fruit in my room and unlimited minibar items, all for 1300 […]

Written By: FOXY on January 26, 2010 21 Comments
The Trek from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I’m sitting in a heavily worn dark grey imitation leather seat in a slightly reclined position while my head moves back and forth like a fishing bobber in choppy ocean water.  My mind is in a dreamlike state of deep thoughts when suddenly I look up from my trance.  Twenty feet in front of me […]

Written By: FOXY on January 23, 2010 2 Comments
Bang, Bang, Bangkok!

After 4 flights totaling 24 hours of airtime I’m back in Bangkok, Thailand!
Each time I arrive here weary and tired but have a huge childlike grin on my face. Delectable Thai cuisine, inexpensive but luxurious accommodations and fantastic sub-$10 USD relaxing Thai massages are now within reach. Add in some of the world’s most spectacular […]

Written By: FOXY on November 19, 2009 7 Comments
Fantastic Thai Food & Drinks

I’ve gotten a few requests to see some of the food I’ve been eating so here’s the lowdown.
Today I had lunch at a local Thai restaurant here in Koh Samui, Thailand.
I ordered a fresh banana shake with some added chocolate as well as some steamed rice and a plate of cashew nut chicken with delicious […]

Written By: FOXY on November 17, 2009 4 Comments
Flying to Koh Samui Island, Thailand

As I boarded the Bangkok Airways flight from Phuket to Koh Samui I felt fear. The experience of boarding a small prop plane felt like going back in time. It’s been a long time for me to fly on such an old aircraft and my initial reaction wasn’t pleasant. Nevertheless, the flight was event free […]

Written By: FOXY on November 15, 2009 One Comment
3 Days On The Incredible Phi Phi Islands

Let’s set sail for one of the most awe inspiring tropical spots in all of the world, the Phi Phi islands in Thailand.  Upon arrival you’re greeted with breathtaking rock formations that shoot straight up from warm, crystal clear waters that surround beaches with luxuriously soft, bright white sand filling the palm tree lined beaches.  Long […]

Written By: FOXY on November 11, 2009 One Comment
The Temples and Sights of Phuket, Thailand

Sparkling like an irregularly shaped pearl off Thailand’s far southern peninsula, the island of Phuket has been blessed with jungle-topped mountains, planted on their lower slopes with rubber trees and coconut palms and valleys patterned with lush rice paddies. Its coastline is lined with more than a dozen white sand beaches, each on a self-contained bay formed […]

Written By: FOXY on November 10, 2009 No Comment

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