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Written By: FOXY on December 25, 2010 2 Comments
Merry Christmas
Written By: FOXY on January 15, 2010 2 Comments
Last Year’s Travel Highlights – HD Video

I couldn’t be any sadder or more happy as I am at this very moment.  After spending nearly a full month with my parents for the holidays, it’s bittersweet to be leaving for Asia on the 20th.  Nothing can replace the joy and love I share with my wonderful parents but at the same time I’ve been starved for travel adventure.  […]

Written By: FOXY on January 12, 2010 No Comment
A Bluegrass Adventure At The Station Inn

Rockabilly music fans will always have Elvis’ Graceland home in Memphis, Techno/Trance fans have the enchanted party island of Ibiza, Spain and bluegrass fans have The Station Inn in Nashville, TN.
It was a cold snowy Friday night in Nashville.  As a longtime bluegrass fan, my Father wanted to visit The Station Inn to see a live show.  I’m not […]

Written By: FOXY on December 30, 2009 4 Comments
Christmas 2009 – Family Pictures

Coming from a 80 degree climate, the weather in Ohio and Michigan has been bone chilling.  Nevertheless, the snow and frosty temperatures haven’t killed me yet and being close to my family has been well worth it.  It was a loving and memorable Christmas with everybody.  I had had a great time and it was really sad to leave.
Check […]

Written By: FOXY on December 21, 2009 One Comment
A Christmas Surprise in the USA

After six months on the road it’s time to head home for a holiday surprise.  I left the Manila airport at 10:45AM bound for Taipei, Taiwan.  After two hours of flight time and a two hour layover I was back in the air in my usual emergency exit seat with spacious leg room. Ten […]

Written By: FOXY on July 25, 2009 2 Comments
Heading to Panama

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my intermidiary flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From there i’ll be on the 11pm flight to Panama City, Panama. Just booked my “middle of the road” 3-star $100 a night hotel via a recommendation from TripAdvisor.com.
More when I get settled in.

Written By: FOXY on July 24, 2009 3 Comments
My thoughts on Chicago, IL – USA

Chicago is AWESOME. It’s now one of my top 5 favorite cities worldwide. While I was there the temperature was perfect and the sun was shining. The people were unusually friendly and the atmosphere in the restaurants was hip/trendy with exquisite food quality. Can you tell I was impressed? Lol.
The highrise buildings are so grand in […]

Written By: FOXY on April 20, 2009 One Comment
It starts NOW!

Welcome to Get Foxy.  This site started from an idea to leave America, travel the world and keep in contact with my friends.  Today April 20th, 2009 it has become reality.  I’m leaving my former life in the USA for greener pastures and bluer water.  From this day forward, I become a world traveler, a […]

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