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Make Money While Travelling

money rolled up as toilet paperThe concept of travelling the world for pleasure appeals to most people but few can afford to do so when they are younger or middle aged. Luxurious travel is usually reserved for rock stars and celebrities or retirees with large bank rolls built up from a lifetime of hard work and saving.

So how then can you make money as a young adult and get the lifestyle you want today instead of waiting for retirement age? The Internet.

I’m going to illustrate a few core things before getting into the meat and potatoes of how you can do this yourself.

First off, you already know that to make money you’re going to need to work for someone else or else run your own business. Working for someone else is easier because you can follow directions and earn an income. Running your own business usually requires high level critical thinking, decision making, a commitment to succeed and often capital (money). As such, most people end up working in a job for someone else. But I’m here to tell you that working for yourself is almost certainly the only way you’re going to be able to finance a world travel trip!

So let’s talk about starting a business. In the “normal” world when you embark on the journey to become an entrepreneur you need to have substantial capital. Let’s say, in example, that you want to start a private investigation company. Well first off you’d have to rent a commercial location, buy equipment, hire employees, develop policies and procedures, get the proper state and/or federal licensing, hire a bookkeeper, etc. All this would require a HUGE amount of time and money. On top of this you’d need a great manager to take care of your business while you were away. So with all that said, there is a substantial barrier to entry to starting a private investigation business – or most any business for that matter.

Now let’s shift our thinking to starting the same business on the internet with NO capital investment, no employees, no manager, no licensing, no physical location and all in 1/10 of the amount of time normally required. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it’s not. The internet isn’t just for surfing, it’s for making money for the savvy few that understand and more importantly can put the pieces together to build an online empire.
Unlike 90% of the garbage “make money online” websites you see online all my info here is free. I’m going to outline everything I do.

Let’s begin:

First off there are 4 ways to make money online:

  1. Build a website that sells a product or service. (Direct Sales) Example: BestBuy.com
  2. Build a website that sells someone else’s product or service. (Affiliate Marketing) Example: ThugSearch.com
  3. Build a website that shows ads. (Become a Publisher) Example: MySpace.com
  4. Build a website that people subscribe to. (Subscription Model) Example: WSJ.com

Notice how they all revolve around building a website? That is the most difficult barrier to entry to an internet business – you’re going to have to learn how to build websites! It sounds hard but it’s actually really easy. When starting out you can even outsource help from India or the Philippines for REALLY CHEAP.

Ok that’s all well and good but which of the four ways to make money is the best to start with? Number 2 is the easiest.

In the case of number 2, when you sell someone else’s product or service all you’re really doing is marketing for them. In example, if someone wanted to do a background check they’d goto Google and type in, “Background Check” and they’d find my website, ThugSearch.com. If they paid the $29 fee to run the background check, the actual service would be performed by Net Detective, which is a company I affiliate for (market for). So let’s recap, to do #2 you build a website and then send the buyers to a company that performs the actual service. Unlike traditional businesses where you’d only get a small commission for sending business, online marketers get the bulk majority of the money and the actual service provider only gets a small fee to handle the actual service!

So what’s the gameplan if I wanted to do number 2?

First off get signed up for an affiliate program. An affiliate program means that you’re getting registered with the seller of a product or service so that you can promote their product or service online and they will pay you.

Try ClickBank.com, CJ.com or just google, “affiliate program”.

This has been a really long post so I’m going to leave it here for now. In future posts I’m going to dive deeper into Search Engine Optimization topics and how to find free website templates online and how to get your new website hosted online.

I’ll leave you with this last tidbit:

If you’re interested in revenue model number 3, you’re operating with the same revenue model as a magazine or newspaper. See the ads on their sites? Those advertisers pay them for adspace and they get paid when you click on one of them. Very simple model. In the case of being an online publisher it’s even easier because Google is not only the #1 search engine but they are also the largest advertising broker in the world. That means you don’t even need to find advertisers, instead, your can have Google procure clients (advertisers) for you – automatically by inserting a small piece of code onto your website or blog!

More later. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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