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Merry Christmas
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A Naughty Halloween in Angeles City!

The night before Halloween my buddy Chris told me he’d be dressing up. I expected him to have a plain mask and maybe a simple costume. To my surprise, he decided to do it up big! His costume and full face makeup was a huge success.
We made some Angeles rounds and the girls definitely […]

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Brett Visits Angeles City

Once you hit the Philippines, it’s a hard place to leave. Getting a VISA extension is easy as pie and the country is more than accommodating to anything you want to experience. World class beaches, inexpensive & exotic cuisine, nightlife to kill for and some of the foxiest girls in the world are […]

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Back to the Action in Angeles City!

After Palawan, I flew to Cebu and spent a fantastic week with Jenny at the Cebu Marriott. We spent some relaxing time at the Ayala mall, ate some tasty food and watched some good movies. Then we said our goodbyes and I took off for Angeles City, to meet with my friend Brett.
On […]

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El Nido – The Tranquility Capital of Palawan

El Nido is the sort of place where time seems to stand still. From the silky white sandy beaches with gentle waves crashing during the day, to the restaurants serving up seaside romantically lit candle lit dinners at night, everything just feels relaxed and good here.

Most of the local people you’ll meet […]

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Palawan Motorcycle Adventures – Part 2of2

Jenny and I woke up, grabbed some breakfast and decided that heading further South would be quite boring so we did a 180 and headed North! We drove all the way to Roxas in one day and spent the night there. The next morning we hit the road and went all the way to the […]

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Palawan Motorcycle Adventures – Part 1of2

Things take more time in the third world. Negotiations that should be smooth and simple are often long, boring and end up unfruitful. During the negotiations, the old “pretend to be uninterested” and temporary “walk away” techniques  are mandatory to determine the lowest price.
Today, I went through four different motorcycle rental shops before finally getting […]

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Palawan Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm is located about 20 minutes outside of the city of Puerto Princessa. It’s just off the main highway and the entrance fee of 30 Pesos (66 cents USD) is a huge value for the one to three hours of fun you’ll have here.
Inside the park, visitors begin with a partially guided tour […]

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A Day Of Island Hopping in Honda Bay, Palawan

Waking up early is never my thing but when I heard the 7AM alarm clock buzzing, I had to grin, knowing that a day of island hopping was in store.
I booked an 8 hour, three islands tour at a local tourist office for 1,100 Pesos ($24 USD) per person. If you visit Palawan, avoid a […]

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Eating Crocodile in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan is a perfect destination for getting away from city life to experience real nature. Long-time readers will remember my friend Jenny from my adventures in Siquijor and lucky for me, she accepted my offer to explore Palawan. We took a cheap flight from Manila for 2100 Pesos ($45 USD) and landed an hour later.
According […]

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