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Travel Plans

As you can probably see… this guide is way off and totally out of date… I really need to fix this page. As of right now, I’m floating wherever I want to go… there’s no timetable and no plan… it’s just all fun and all good.


Places I’m Headed: Asia in 2009-2010:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bali, Indonesia x x x x x x
Phuket, Thailand x x x x
Philippines x
Phnom Penh, Cambodia x x
Singapore x
Philippines – AC & Cebu x x x
Tokyo, Japan x x
Seoul, South Korea x x
Thailand – My Birthday x
Malaysia x
Colombo, Sri Lanka x
Tahiti, French Polynesia x x x
Australia x x x x x x
New Zealand x x x x x x
Maldives x x x x x
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam x x x x
Burma (Myanmar)

Americas in 2011:

-Michigan – Detroit electronic music festival (Summer 2011) + visit my family mid trip
-Colorado – Take Silverton Train (coal fired) to Gunnison.
-Tennessee – Visit my Dad mid trip.
-Costa Rica (will be my 5th time)
-Venezuela (Going to see Angel Falls)
-Lake titicaca in Bolivia via la Paz, then to Galapagos islands via Ecuador.
-Back to Brazil to see Florianopilos
-& the rest of S. America including Machu picchu

Europe in 2012:

(I want to do the entire continent)
-Goto Ireland and go bike riding.
-Ibiza, Spain – OMG, I can’t wait.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please comment!

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